My FireCan Shows a Heat Diffuser in the Manual, Why Don't I Have One?

We are aware that the heat diffuser is shown in some FireCan manuals. We do apologize for this error!

The heat diffuser was an accessory that we initially did intend to include with the FireCan. However, during testing, we found that the heat diffuser actually ended up deflecting a significant amount of heat downwards, rather than simply spreading the flames. This resulted in less heat reaching the user, and more heat reaching the ground beneath the FireCan. That caused the FireCan to fail some of the safety tests which allow it to qualify as burn-ban safe. Safety is obviously our first priority with any product, so we were unwilling to compromise that aspect of the design.

As we tested various alternatives, we found that lava rocks did the job we were looking for much better than the heat diffuser prototypes. One of the main perceived downsides of the rocks vs the diffuser was weight, but that's actually part of why the rocks work so well: because they have more mass, they can actually absorb and then radiate heat, rather than simply deflecting it. So we made the decision to leave the heat diffuser out, and encourage customers to use rocks as a better solution.

Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication with our factory, and some FireCans were shipped with an uncorrected version of the manual, which does show the heat diffuser. Obviously, this has led to a lot of questions from our customers.

We believe that the FireCan works great with no add-ons at all; but for those looking for an accessory to diffuse the flames, we think that rocks or similar alternatives actually do the job better than any heat diffuser we could design, and at lower cost.

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