My Gas Growler loses pressure, is that normal?

My flame keeps dying out, what's going on?

The first thing we recommend is letting some gas build up in the hose before starting your stove. Make sure all burners on the stove are turned off, open the tank valve very slowly and wait at least 30 seconds before starting up the stove. This can help get a bit of pressure going and keep the gas flow consistent.

If this doesn't solve the issue, the most likely issue is that your tank was overfilled with propane. Our tanks should be filled with about 1.2 gallons of propane to leave enough room for the liquid propane to vaporize into gas. Some propane fillers are not accustomed to handling such small tanks, which occasionally leads to overfilling. We recommend burning off some propane to return it to an appropriate level and the pressure should improve. If you hook the tank up to your stove and open the tank valve slowly, you should be able to run the stove for short periods of time to burn off the small amounts of vapor that have accumulated, then shut off and repeat until the level drops and it has room to function normally.

You can also follow these instructions to find out approximately how much propane you have in the tank.

To avoid overfilling in the future, we recommend telling your propane attendant to put 1.1 - 1.3 gallons in, opposed to filling until their overfill shutoff activates. With a small tank, there isn't as much wiggle room and a couple tenths of a gallon go a long way!

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