When will the Gas Growler be available?

When Will the Gas Growler be Available?

Updated 10/7/2021

Thank you for your interest in our Gas Growlers! We are so honored by the overwhelming popularity of our Gas Growlers, and are doing our very best to get them into the hands of as many customers as possible. High demand, combined with some industry-wide delays in the supply chain, means that we won't have our Gas Growlers available on our website for at least another couple of months. 

Currently, we are sending all of our supply of Gas Growlers to our amazing retailers such as REI and Dick's Sporting Goods, so we recommend keeping an eye on their websites for current availability. Our products are sold by some great smaller retailers throughout the US as well; feel free to contact our team to find out if there are any local retailers that carry our products in your area.

Thank you for your patience!

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