Can I Store/Transport My Gas Growler on its side?

It's generally not recommended to store propane tanks on their side. Storing a propane tank upright is crucial for safety and proper functioning. Here's why:

  1. Pressure Release Valve Positioning: Propane tanks are designed with the safety relief valve in a specific position, and with the assumption that the tank will be used in an upright position. If a tank is stored on its side, the orientation of the relief valve might not allow it to function properly, potentially leading to an unsafe increase in pressure.

  1. Liquid Propane and Gas Phase: Propane is stored under pressure inside of your tank as a colorless odorless liquid, and as pressure is released, the liquid propane vaporizes and turns into gas. Storing your tank sideways could lead to an unsafe release of liquid and vapors.

  1. Avoid Damage: Storing the tank on its side increases the risk of leaks or damage to the valve and tank structure, especially if it's not secured correctly.

Have fun and be safe out there!

Not following these guidelines could void warranties and, more importantly, pose a safety hazard.

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